So I took a check off of overtime in an effort to avoid burn out.
Well it turned out I had an overtime shift on my check I hadn’t accounted for. So i broke down and bought a gopro.
Expect views.

And now it’s time on sprockets to dance

Ok. No post for a little while. In the end I did the math and figured out if there was a klr650 that wasn’t too baffed out, I could build a nice little adventure bike. Well, one came my way.
The first step, getting it up to par.
Front and rear sprockets, a new chain, oil change and some wiring squared away. It would have been nice if the factory chain had a master link. We are well on our way.





Sleep deprivation and the smell of rain.

When your schedule shifts from night to days, days to 24s and back again, the fine print of life becomes blurry. Weather the truck you’re on starts at 7 or 6 doesn’t make a difference, you just show up early and try and gather your thoughts. As long as you’re not late the off going crew is always happy to invite you in and bullshit about the shift and work in general. This morning I found myself standing in a parking lot two hours before shift, my lunch box in one hand (almost empty) and my duty bag in the other. I knew if I got back in my truck odds were good I’d fall asleep, if i went in the off going crew might sign me in and I’d have to start running calls. So there I stood, just standing. Then all of a sudden out of the darkness the rain started to fall, and from the other side of the building the sound of a siren. Problem solved. They’d be on the call for at least an hour and I could go in and space out.
The sad part is when they got back, the first thing they said was “We saw you heading in when the call dropped. Man, you’re awesome, trying to relieve us so early.”. What can I say?

Time to find a Hobbie.

So I’ve been asked more than a few times “So what hobbies do you have?”.  Funny enough I never really have an answer. The problem is working the ranch or things that include drinking were my hobbies. So if you take the ranch, and drinking out of the equation, there isn’t anything left. I’ve been working was many shifts as I can, thus leaving me gasping for sleep let alone time to find a Hobbie.
So, here I sit, on shift….. Again.
What did I come up with? Something I’ve been thinking about for years…. Adventure riding.
So now I have to find a bike and start planning my trip. The bike thing is so much fun. I love shopping, not so much buying, but shopping.  I’m trying to build a budget adventure bike.
Now, I’ve had my fair share of bikes. I’ve been on everything from 50 to 1250, rockets to dirt bikes, cruisers to scooters. For the mission at hand I’ve narrowed it down to a klr 650 or a 650gs. Both have their upside, both have downsides. In the end it’ll come down to whatever bike speakers to me the most. So far this has been a awesome hobby. No money out of pocket, and countless hours on shift planing day, week long, and even longer (can you say Alaska) trips and looking at add ons and rider reports.
Whats wierd is, everyone seems really happy I’m finally doing this. So ill keep ya all posted. Till then….. Got to save some lives (ha).

Pick wisely.

In an attempt to get healthy I have changed much about my daily life. What I consume is one of the biggest changes. I’ve found that a few healthy snacks throughout the night keeps me motivated and stops the sarcasm beast from taking over. One snack I’ve become fond of is a small tun of cottage cheese, add alittle salt and pepper and it’s a party. Today was the first time circumstances conspired to ruin my plans. The temperature today hit 90,not normally a big deal, but waking up and walking into a humid, hot afternoon, hits you like a bat to the face.
I made it to work more rested than normal, seems I can’t count on naps shift anymore. We did the dance called change out and settled down to get my snack on. I managed to eat up all my yummy cottage cheese before the first call dropped. Seems a person between residents had been barfing up black slime for the last few days. Long story short, I may rethink my snack choices before being locked in a small hot metal box with a fountain of vomit.

I’m back. It’s been to long.

This site has been sitting for, well, forever. thought it was time to get back online and keep some people up on whats going on in my life. Well, I’ll be updating this almost exclusively via my phone on shift, so the format may need some tweaking.

But for now, I’m back and I’ve missed you all.